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When it comes to your business’ bottom line, how executive leaders and employees work together is just as important as the products and services sold. Lead the Way partners with companies to build strong leaders and teams who will ultimately help you meet your business objectives.


Businesses and nonprofit organizations rely on Lead the Way for help developing executive leaders, and creating a healthy, collaborative workplace. Consider these questions to see if Lead the Way can help.

  • Do you want to build a stronger, more successful team?
  • Is your company facing some tough decisions?
  • Are you working in silos instead of as a team?
  • Do you or your staff report high levels of stress?
  • Does your work feel divorced from your mission?
  • Do you or your staff members struggle with conflict resolution?
  • Do you simply want to be a better leader or teammate in the workplace?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are not alone. These are all common challenges businesses and organizations face, and Lead the Way can partner with you and your executive team to address healthy conflict resolution, build trust throughout your company, break down workplace silos and create healthy, collaborative teams that move your company forward to meet your strategic business objectives. Whether you’re the leader of a business or a nonprofit organization, Lead the Way can help you overcome these challenges.

Headquartered in St. Louis, Lead the Way provides the following services:


Executive Development

Coaching Strong Leaders

Leadership=ResultsIs there a gap between where you want to be professionally and where you are right now? Are you motivated to make the changes necessary to close that gap? (more…)

Mastermind Groups

Strength in Numbers

Strength in NumbersWould you like to work with like-minded people who are dedicated to making effective changes in their leadership abilities? (more…)

Team Development

A Critical Business Strategy

TeamworkOur team assessments and coaching sessions will help you transform your team into a truly cohesive unit. We can help you break down workplace silos and create a healthy culture of collaboration and synergy. (more…)

Organizational Development

Crafting and Clarifying Your Company’s Strategic Plan

LeadershipIt’s easy to lose sight of your company’s strategic direction when you’re also managing the day-to-day operations. Lead the Way can help you determine and clarify your business goals and strategies (more…)

Talent Management

Selecting, Retaining and Developing Employees

Engaged WorkforceYour employees are your greatest assets, and Lead the Way can work with you to develop the right systems and processes to help you select, develop and retain a high-performing workforce. (more…)


Learning About Yourself and Your Team Drives Positive Change

TEAMSelf-assessments, peer assessments and team assessments all help leaders and teams determine their workplace styles, strengths and vulnerabilities. (more…)



Ronald McDonald House Charities of St. Louis

“Char is very perceptive of people’s strengths and weaknesses. She’s very good as serving as a facilitator in a meeting with a lot of different dynamics. She’s able to push the group along while pulling everyone in. She makes people within the group feel comfortable and helps them address the key components of being a strong team. We had a lot of issues with trust within our team. She brought in different strategies to help us break down our weaknesses and build on the areas where we had strengths and some footings. We just think the world of Char!”

— Dan Harbaugh, President, Ronald McDonald House Charities of St. Louis


Mississippi Lime Company

“I hit a stalling point with an assignment, and you could also say with my career, and I was pointed towards Charlotte. She and I have been working together for 18 months, and she lead me through a process of evaluation, including a 360 review. It was one of the toughest things I’ve been through professionally. How I viewed myself was different than how the rest of the world was viewing me. She led me through that process with encouragement, and straight, tough talk to keep me motivated. Today, I’m incredibly more self-aware. She gave me the confidence to decide what I want to do, what’s making me happy and not happy, and what I want to change.”

— Kent Womack, Director Operational Excellence at Mississippi Lime Company; Change Management and Organizational Development


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